How do I know what to list my property at?

As a seller you need to do your own research and then compare your notes with an experienced real estate agent. He should be able to give you some comparisons on other properties that have been sold in or near the area that can be used as a barometer to guide you towards what price you should be asking for or expecting to get. Don’t get caught chasing the market. A word of caution – if you price your property above its realistic value/asking price you are likely to make other properties that are priced realistically look more attractive to potential purchasers. It can backfire on you and you may end up doing what we call “chasing the market”.  In other words, you’re helping the competition get their properties sold which is great for them but bad for you. Price your properties wisely and realistically. Many people believe that you should ask high and await offers but if no one is viewing your property because the price is too exorbitant then you’re not going to get any viewings and therefore any offers. I’m not suggesting you should price it too low, just realistically.


Any tips on getting my property sold?

  • First impressions count. Besides competitively and realistically pricing your property to get viewings and interests, you must have good quality photos to attract potential buyers. 
  • Market well. Having your property properly marketed through a real estate agent or in places where the general public will go looking for properties (newspaper, Cariblist, internet etc) definitely helps. 
  • Keep it clean and tidy. Once you do have people coming to view the property it must be kept clean and presentable. The buzzwords that we use to describe a good property include ‘clean, fresh, airy, breezy, well kept, well maintained, clutter free’ and that’s the kind of thing prospective buyers like to hear and also see when they are viewing. The more you put into staging your property the more attractive it will look to a potential purchaser.
  • Get rid of the junk and clutter
  • Make the rooms open, spacious, light and airy
  • A coat of paint can work wonders. Freshen up the walls every now and then to keep the property looking attractive and inviting.


Why should I list my property with a real estate agent?

You need to know that your price is being set correctly in the market so that you can maximize the property’s potential. Unless you are a professional or have considerable experience in valuing properties and marketing them, it makes more sense to have a professional working for you to do that than to try to do it yourself. This goes for almost anything – having the experts work for you always guarantees a great result. Don’t forget that selling your home may have the biggest financial impact on your life. When it comes to negotiating you need to have a clear understanding of the skills involved, and a good agent will be able to negotiate on your behalf to get you a better price often to the extent that it will more than cover his/her fee. A good real estate agent can help you pick up the pieces when your property purchase falls apart.


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