Rendezvous High Ridge, Christ Church

Christ Church

List Price US$ 1,800,000  

Property Highlights

  • Sea view
  • Ridge lot
  • On a main link road
  • Potential for commercial use
  • Very central location
  • Overlooks south coast

Property Information

Property Status: For Sale
Type: Land, Residential
Property ID: 225DC
Gross Land Area: 57000 sq. ft.


Located in a prime spot for commercial use on the busy link road leading from the Garfield Sobers roundabout down to Highway 7 (the main south coast road) is this pleasant ridge lot with a superb view of the south coast and the sea beyond. The lot sits on the smaller ridge above Rendezvous Ridge and is currently classed as residential. However, because of its proximity to the main road and other commercial buildings opposite and nearby, it would appear that planning for commercial use of the site should not be difficult to obtain.

Access to St. Lawrence Gap, Rockley, the main ABC Highway leading to the airport in one direction and Bridgetown and the west coast in the other make this location very central indeed.

Property Details


Gross Land Area:     57000 sq. ft.


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