Located on the north east coast of the island Cattlewash sits at the foot of the Scotland district hills. The topography on this side of the island is rugged with grass covered and clay swept hills unfolding across the landscape to present a stunning vista of natural beauty. In days gone by this is where the cattle came to bathe and hence the name Cattlewash.

Included by many who drive around the island as a part of their day tour, the spot is frequented by locals who own beach houses that are particularly popular during the summer months when the sea is calmer and swimming and surfing are safer and more enjoyable. The Atlantic Ocean washes onto seven miles of uninterrupted beach with strong North East Trade winds offering a constant island breeze but during much of the rest of the year sea bathing can be very dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with the tides.

Building and development on this side of the island are strictly regulated and controlled which hopefully mean that the region will remain un-spoilt for the enjoyment of all who venture there during their travels across this beautiful island.


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