Cane Garden Crescent Lot 2A

St. Thomas

List Price US$ 75,000  

Property Highlights

  • Breezy
  • Quiet
  • Close to Warrens
  • New developing area
  • Sloping lot

Property Information

Property Status: For Sale
Type: Land, Residential
Property ID: 1382R
Gross Land Area: 8163 sq. ft.


Situated in a relatively new development of several substantial residential homes in Cane Garden is this sloping and rectangular lot. The area has several houses of various sizes that have been built over the past few years and it offers easy access to the busy, developing Warrens area but yet is set in a more peaceful neighbourhood setting.

SALE PRICE: BDS$150,000 – US$75,000

Property Details


Gross Land Area:     8163 sq. ft.


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