Brighton Farmers Market

Brighton Plantation is a working Barbadian Plantation. Founded in 1627 by the Pile family it is still run to this day by Michael Pile, a direct descendent of the original Pile family who first settled here in the early 17th century, and his energetic wife Alison. Michael is well respected as one of the most knowledgeable and successful agricultural farmers on the island. The farm uses the technologically advanced hydroponics system to produce consistently high quality vegetables that are supplied to the top restaurants and supermarkets across the island.

The couple began selling their produce on Saturday mornings to their loyal customers and this has developed over the years into a charming and sociable farmers market. The market has attracted vendors and artists offering music and goods that vary from violin concertos to wicker baskets. There are home made jams and jewelry, fish cutters and coffee. Indeed the market has grown in popularity to the point where many overseas visitors say that a visit to the market on a Saturday morning is the highlight of their annual trip to Barbados, and many of them abide on the west coast.

The first cup of coffee is served at 6.30am and the liveliest part of the morning is between 7 and 8am with families of small children playing on the playground up to closing at 10am and beyond. So if you fancy a taste of good coffee and a dose of fresh country air in the tropical surroundings of a Barbadian Plantation call us on 424 6633 for directions. Come up and meet some new faces and perhaps Michael will share a story of life in Barbados a century or two ago.


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