6 Main Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling
Oct 13, 2022

Do you have a well-appointed home for sale yet find it hard to close a deal?

Putting your best home forward is essential when selling a house in Barbados. Purchasing a home is a desirable goal for a growing family, income potential, or holiday retreats.


Although your house may be in a desirable location, buyers may be hesitant to offer a premium price for several reasons. Here are some critical areas we identify that may be keeping your property on the list.


1. Undesirable price

While you may want to get your money’s worth for your property, you’ll need to consider the asking price carefully. Setting an unrealistic price point may put off buyers and keep your listing on the market for more extended periods. Setting a price that’s too high or too low may also work against you, depending on the market conditions.


Your real estate agent can evaluate the situation and suggest a competitive price for comparable properties in your area. Getting a reasonable assessment of your propertycan help set a more realistic price for a quick sale.


2. Bad Staging

We can show you possible reasons why your property is not selling and help highlight the best features to attract buyers. One such area that can cause disinterest in your house is bad staging. Selling an “empty” home can devalue its worth in the eyes of potential house seekers. Working with Barbados real estate experts can help you present your house in the best possible light to potential homeowners.


Therefore, staging your house is a smart way to showcase the unique qualities to enhance sales appeal. Placing select pieces of furniture and accessories in a tasteful arrangement can have a lasting impression on potential buyers. It helps buyers visualize themselves occupying the space and increase interest or secure a sale.


3. Not Decluttering before Selling

When listing a property for sale in Barbados, a real estate agent can help secure top dollar for your most valuable asset. Look around your house before selling and try to view it through the eyes of a buyer.


Try to remove any personal souvenirs, family photos, and knick-knacks that may make the rooms look crowded. Always bear in mind that buyers want to see how their items will fit into the new space. Are there unsightly marks on the ceilings or walls?


A few minor fixes and a new coat of paint can do wonders to brighten the rooms for a fresh look and feel.  However, if there is substantial damage, your agent may be able to negotiate a price for buyers who may wish to consider a fixer-upper depending on the cost. 


Your real estate agent can advise on setting up each room to make it look liveable and inviting. Additionally, when staging, ensure you clean each area to help remove any unpleasant odors that may drive viewers away.


Clean the surroundings by throwing out unwanted items in storage. Trim any overhanging hedges, branches, or shrubs, and remove any dead leaves to help enhance curb appeal. Provide a clean, clear entranceway that will make a statement on sight. 


4. Poor Quality Photos    

Showcasing poor-quality photos of your property is another area to consider if your house is not selling. When advertising your property,potential buyers will likely browse hundreds of listings during their search. Make sure you present top-quality, clean, clear photos that tell the best story about your property.


Use shots that highlight the whole space at-a-glance, at the best angles, and with good lighting to wow your viewers.  Using blurry photos or dark images will switch buyers off and reduce salability. Showing each room in the best possible setting can drive buyers to your door.


5. Wrong Time of the Year

Knowing when to list your property can make a huge difference in getting it off the market. Listing a home on the market too early or too late may mean your place stays unsellable for more extended periods.


Studies show house sales may peak during the first half of the year. However, coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, sales may depend on buyer demand and extend into the latter part of the year. A seasoned estate agent can guide you on market forces and the best possible times to start listing your property.


6. Not getting Expert Advice

Is it tough going trying to get your property off the market? There’s lots of competition among a wide range of properties to attract buyers in every income bracket. While you may feel you can save by selling the house yourself, they are some potential pitfalls to consider.


Are you up to the task of negotiating for the best price that represents the actual value of your house? Using a reliable real estate agent can help reduce stress and take the guesswork out of the sales process. A good agent will also provide expert advice in critical areas like price negotiation, market conditions, and fair market value. Also, your real estate agent can advise on any potential issues that can stall the sales process.  


In addition, using a real estate agent ensures you set a reasonable price based on the overall market reviews. The realtor may also assist in the legal process to help finalize the sale.



Your house is one of the single most significant purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. Selling it for its true worth is essential to securing your investment.

An experienced and suitably qualified Barbados real estate agent can save tremendous costs by helping you choose the right time to sell and in the ideal conditions.

A good real estate agent can more than cover their fee by:

a.   Their marketing

b.   Advice on pricing

c.    Guidance throughout the process

d.   Access to comparable information

e.   Their negotiation skills

f.     Qualifying of serious buyers from time wasters.


Bear in mind that while you may opt to sell your house independently, a realtor can advise on areas that may keep your property on the market indefinitely.  


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