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Measuring 34 kilometres (21 miles) at its longest point and 23 km. (14 miles) at its widest, Barbados is a substantially sized island with a topography that varies from low-lying beaches to rolling hills, cliffs, and valleys. It has a total area of 430 sq. km. (166 sq. mi.), a year-round population of over 280,000, and is one of the most developed of the Caribbean islands. It has also been one of the region’s most popular vacation destinations for decades. All this, as well as a colonial history that dates back to the early 1600s, helps account for the diversity of options in the Barbados real estate market.

Real Estate Barbados

From land and plantation properties to new golf villas and luxurious beachfront condos and estates, the Barbados property market is brimming over with Barbados real estate investment opportunities. Whether you’re on the lookout for a vacation property or second home here or you plan on starting a new venture or making a permanent move to the island, our team at Caribbean Island Properties will be more than happy to serve as your guides.

Are you considering placing your property on the market? If you need help with your Barbados real estate sale, we can help as well. Our team, headed by owner and general manager David Coombes, has been helping buyers and sellers on the island for years. We have built an international network of contacts and clients over the years and there’s nothing we love more than matching people with the right properties. Please browse through the site to learn more about our services and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.


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